Our new single ‘RIGHT HERE WAITING’ is now available on iTunes :)

Please check out our YOUTUBE V-LOG!<3

Hey everyone.

Our new single ‘RIGHT HERE WAITING' is now available on iTunes :)

We recently uploaded our first ever V-Log to Youtube, to talk about the new single. There are outtakes and a music preview towards the end of the video too. Hope you can have a look! <3

Mike on the makeshift set for our new Youtube promo video W/ @ClapDog (Taken with Instagram)

Mike on the makeshift set for our new Youtube promo video W/ @ClapDog (Taken with Instagram)

Hey everyone :D

We’ve uploaded a short Preview of our new single that we’ll be releasing in October! Would really be appreciated if you could have a listen and share.

- Team Satellites

'Girl I Used To Know ' Produced by Stevie K at Electric Sun Studio and mastered by Don Bartley(The Beatles, Wolfmother, Silverchair, INXS).
Photo by Gen Duck Photography

Love & Satellites - Girl I Used To Know
I can recall it only one time,
The type of girl that plays on my mind,
She said I’m crazy ‘cause I wanted to stay, 
Oh well, I hope you’re still happy,

Just want to go on living my life,
realised I was wasting my time,
I read your letter just the other day,
Oh well, I know you’re still happy,

Is it the way she moves, the way she smiles,
The way nothing compares,
You’ve got me running round in circles,
Maybe I don’t even care,
Cause I will spend a lifetime, 
waiting for the girl I used to know,
So I took my time and thought about it,
I don’t want you to go, right now.

All the pain won’t always remain,
And everyday never leaves you the same,
When I’m asleep and it’s raining outside,
Will I dream of you? Will I be alright?

My hearts been missing your eyes,
Like a chance you’re one of a kind,
And when it comes to the one that was all mine,
I was wrong you were right this whole time,


Cause I don’t you to go, right now.
Cause I don’t want you to go.

Can you feel it, feel it, feel it.
Nothing compares 


And nothing compares, right now,
And nothing compares, right now..